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[SEAOC] Re: [SEAOC] BORPELS May annual report.

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>Tom Harris wrote:
>     I received the CA Board of Registration for P.E.s and L.S s(BORPELS) May
>annual report, that i assume is mailed to all CA engineers. Page 7 is
>interesting. If plan checks are "engineering reports " should they be stamped
>and signed ? What are your thoughts ?
>      Here in Ventura county i don't believe Ojai and Fillmore ( heavily
>damaged in N.R. earthquake ) have engineers on staff. I imagine this law is
>broken on a widespread basis in other small cities throughout the state. Is
>this an opportunity to promote engineering and make buildings safer ? What
>are your thoughts?

        Of our local Bldg. depts. only one has an engineer "on staff" while
a couple use plan check services (RSM and Associates, Willdan). One local
bldg. official told me BORPELS told them at an ICBO member that they
"recognize" the hardship on local jurisdictions and won't enforce that
provision of requiring a licensed engineer to review licensed engineering
work. He told me they won't have anyone for "a while". A couple of the local
cities use their public works engineers in that capacity.
        After a couple of experiences educating these public works engineers
on structural work, I'm not sure this is a good requirement. We'll just have
to wait and see.
                - Terry