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Terry Weatherby wrote:
> >Dennis Wish wrote:
> >As far as I know, SEAOSC has done studies for the difference in shear
> >walls nailed with sinkers verses common nails. L.A. City has called for
> >a degradation of 15% off the rated shear where sinkers are used in lieu
> >of common nails.
> >I know that there is still some controversy over this issue.
> >I also agree with Ray that the major problem with power driven nails is
> >the damage to the ply layers. The advantages that I read about power
> >driven nails is the advantage of the hot glue that creates a better bond
> >with the wood for resistance to nail withdrawl.
>         I have heard the same thing: that the covering (green vinyl?)
> creates a "glue" which bonds to the sheathing creating shear values
> comperable to normal. What did LA City base their 15% reduction on? Testing?
>                 - Terry

I heard the comment about power driven nails for the reprsentative for 
the APA about ten years ago.
The rational behind the reduction of shear values had to do with the 
difference in shank diameter - the sinker having a smaller shank. I also 
believe there is a difference in nail head area. I will look further 
into this, but this is as much as I can remember without researching. LA 
City decided to make the reduction prior to Northridge after a study 
disclosed that common nails were harder to obtain and that most 
construction had in fact used sinkers on panel nailing. I would think 
that the reduction was based upon panel testing, but I can't remember.
I'll find out and let you know, unless someone else has an answer?