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[SEAOC] Don't Teach LRFD

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        This is in response to Rick Drake's question about whether he
        should teach LRFD at Cal State Fullerton.

        Considering the fact that I received zero responses on my
        previous question about computer modeling of LRFD (and only
        response to someone else's concrete design question) I think
        can conclude one of the following:

        A.  Most of the people on the SEAOC list-server are actually
        Political Science Majors and not really Engineers (this is
        supported by the fact we spent weeks flaming some poor
        for poor English grammar and months whining about Affirmative

        B.  SEAOC engineers only know how to design wood shear walls.

        C.  LRFD was only a Political Stunt by Al Gore to get Bill
        Clinton into office.

        D.  LRFD computer modeling is a Black Art that no one
        understands (Interesting that no one from RISA, GT-STRUDL,
        had any opinions since they clogged our E-Mail for weeks
        how accurate their programs were?!?).

        All kidding aside, based on the previous responses (or lack
        I think you would be better off using those last one or two
        lectures on LRFD teaching connection design or something else
        more practical.

        Thomas Hunt