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>I have some samples of 8d sinker nails in my office and the head is
>considerably smaller than a box or common head. The shank dameter is the same
>as the box nail.

The Preceedings report I referred to indicated that the improved
performance was based on the profile of the head and the overall difference
in head diameter relative to the shank diameter. Common nails have a larger
shank and a canted head profile that allows the head to pull through the
sheathing. I beleive a 8d box *gun* nail is different than a 8d box nail.

I wonder if some standardization is in the works, since this topic comes up
over and again. 

Would it be unreasonable have nail manufacturers make a special nail such
that nails used in special inspection shear wall assemblies with a shear
design value over a certain limit  have their head stamped not unlike a
machine bolt or a SSTB holdown anchor or a sheet of plywood? 

Jeff Smith