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[SEAOC] Re: [SEAOC] Surcharge on a retaining wall

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I generally consider a 1:1 lateral distribution of footing loads adequately  
conservative and use it as a general rule to locate footing distance away from 
an existing wall to avoid surcharge load on the wall. 

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I have recently come across the problem of  putting a spread footing 
behind an existing wall and footing that has little or no capacity 
for lateral loading.  The question is how deep to make the new  footing so 
that it does not induce lateral loading on the existing wall footing.

Obviously, I could make the footing as deep as the wall footing,
thereby, eliminating any chance of lateral loading.  However, that
would require a lot of concrete. Since the new footings are at
varying distances from the wall,  I would rather make the new
footings only as deep as necessary.

So here's my question...would a 1:1 rule apply? Hypothetically, if I 
had a 10 ft high retaining wall and a surcharge 10 ft away from the 
wall, could I safely assume that there is little or no lateral load 
on the wall?

I ask this, because I would like to avoid getting into a Boisenesque 
analysis.  Quick and dirty, is more efficient for this small project.

Eric J Scott
Cline, Agee, and Swedin
Architects and Engineers


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