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[SEAOC] Re: [SEAOC] Don't Teach LRFD

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SEAOC's Seismology and Code Committees recently proposed changes to the UBC
which were approved by the ICBO Lateral Design Committee last winter. Unless
successfully challenged, these changes will be part of the 1997 UBC. These
changes convert seismic provisions from working stress to strength design. If
code adoption cycles proceed as in prior years, the state will take two years
to adopt state amendments and publish, etc before it becomes effective on or
about Jan 1999. If you want more information about LRFD for steel try
contacting Kelly Cobeen, SE at GFDS in San Francisco 415-781-1285, SEAOC's
Code Committee spokesperson. For the Seismology strength code change, try
David Bonneville at 415-392-6952, SEAOC's Seismology Committee Chairman. 
By the way, as codes nationalize, the BSSC's NEHRP strength-based Provisions
will likely supplant SEAOC's recommendations in the UBC. While working stress
methods will still be possible, they will not be the method of choice
recommended by the codes. Essentially they are being phased out.