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[SEAOC] Re: [SEAOC] Future Seismic Codes in United States

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Frank McClure,

Nice to hear from you.  Your comments on ASD, and those from 
responders to the ASD/LRFD survey which showed overwhelming 
preference for ASD, confirms the old saying that there's nothing 
new under the sun.  My concrete design class in Fifties used Phil 
Ferguson's textbook, which contained some newfangle ideas in an 
appendix called Ultimate Strength Design.  Professor Alex Scordelis 
exhorted students to get familiar with it because it was the wave 
of the future.  Well, it took a quarter century for Strength Design 
(USD) to reach mainstream status among practioners, so if past is 
prologue, LRFD should make it into design offices about the time my 
grandchildren start their careers.

Frank Lew