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Worthy99(--nospam--at) wrote:
> E. All those in the newsgroup are taciturn when the subject turns too PC
> (personal computers)  techie but become locquacious egalitarians when the
> topic goes non PC (politically correct).
The focus of this newsgroup has not been PC's. Although that is not to 
say that we would not answer questions related to computers. Since we 
are structural engineers and consultants, would it not seem reasonable 
that, on the subject of PC's we remain taciturn?

By the way, the work is not locquacious, but loquacious - and the 
"...turns too.." should be "...turns to.."

Again, why would we be anything but garrulous when our métier is 
structural engineering mental pabulum (or is it pabuli).
If you are compelled to descant PC Techie's, we propound you to rummage 
other stimulating colloquium.

> F. All newsgroupies are on-line for either the vicarious smut or potential lucrative projects.

So isn't it nice to come upon a group with a conflux of idea's?

> ...but good luck in your quest.  I have not a clue as to your requests...
> Soils-Guy
> David A. Worthington
> UT Alum

Dennis Wish PE