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[SEAOC] RE: [SEAOC] [SEAOC] Seismic Evaluation of Residential Buildings

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Dear Scott:

Yes, we do make owners aware of the rent loss, cost of relocation etc. Especially the owners of apartment building.

BQE Inc.

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Subject: 	[SEAOC] [SEAOC] Seismic Evaluation of Residential Buildings

I have a question or two about the state of art in current structural
engineering practice.  I hope it is not inappropriate for a
non-practicing structural engineer (still in school... taught only
LRFD ;) to use this venue of communication to learn more about the

What type of services are structural engineers currently providing in
seismic evaluation of residential buildings in the California?  For
instance if I was the owner of several single story rental units and
concerned about the potential damage to my units (and loss to my
income) what can engineers tell me?  My guess is I could hire a
structural engineering company to inspect my buildings and location to
make a hazard assessment and seismic retrofit recommendations, however
is any information is commonly provided on if this is an economically
attractive decision to make? 


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