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MDear885(--nospam--at) wrote:
> In a message dated 96-06-05 12:03:06 EDT, you write:
> > I would like to know if you can start on the next
> >tutorial - possibly some basic conditional programing and/or some very
> >basic Visual Basic steps in Excel.
> No problem. I will do a VBA function to design something or other and a table
> lookup non-VBA method for comparison.
> BTW, did you get a copy of SEF recently? I was shocked. I thought they were
> dead. I guess the word was dormant.
After reading the Wordworks review, I felt they should have stayed 
dead!. Now I know how two people can review a software without reviewing 
the software.
The rag is good for advertisers only. Reminds me of this couple I knew. 
She worked as editor for Playgirl - he took daddy's money and started an 
engineering magazine that was devoted to advertisers in the large office 
world. The magazine was given away and was used to hunt out graduates 
for work in large firms. It was a glossy format - really beautiful, but 
no articles to speak up. At the same time Bruce (the guy that started 
the magazine) had gotten very disturbed because he couldn't get the key 
out of his ignition. 
He forgot to press that little release button. Fortunately his with (the 
Playgirl girl) stopped him before he broke the key off with the plyers 
he was using....
Get my point?

> How's the guitar? Next time I see you I'll have to share some of the songs I
> have written!
Haven't done any fingerpicking for a while, but I am jammin' with B.B. 
King, Freddy King, Albert King, Clapton and all the other greats. I can 
keep up really well, but I'd like to be able to do it in person some 

> Later,
> Mark

BTW, I got a bunch of spreadsheets from Shafat that I wanted to play 
with (it's a good way to learn programing techniques). Some of them were 
protected (password). He informed me that he got them from you. Do you 
want to share the password? My strong program was 123, Excel does things 
a bit different and I find that following code helps me see the 
Let me know.

Keep on jammin'