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At 01:06 AM 6/8/96 -0400, RLFOLEY(--nospam--at) wrote:
>Dear David:
>How many buildings have you inspected on your own time out of a sense of
>We professionals do not receive a paycheck every week like you do, so
>obviously we musst charge for our time.  This is what we have to offer the
>public.  You sound a little sanctomonius to me. There is enough blame for
>poor construction to go around to all of us including the L.A. building

Good point, Richard!  There are certainly as many volunteers involved in
times of emergency as paid employees.  The SEAOSC Emergency Response effort
ON A VOLUNTEER BASIS made a significant impact.  Myself and many, many
others put in weeks of unpaid time.  I think the reward is internal and I
mention it only to support  anti-pomposity.

R. Sandy Pringle MM 
Structural Inspection Consultants              "He has achieved success who 
sandyp(--nospam--at)                          has lived well and laughed often."
Redondo Beach, California