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At 09:34 AM 6/8/96 -0700, sandy wrote:
>At 01:06 AM 6/8/96 -0400, RLFOLEY(--nospam--at) wrote:
>>Dear David:
>>How many buildings have you inspected on your own time out of a sense of
>>We professionals do not receive a paycheck every week like you do, so
>>obviously we musst charge for our time.  This is what we have to offer the
>>public.  You sound a little sanctomonius to me. There is enough blame for
>>poor construction to go around to all of us including the L.A. building
>Good point, Richard!  There are certainly as many volunteers involved in
>times of emergency as paid employees.  The SEAOSC Emergency Response effort
>ON A VOLUNTEER BASIS made a significant impact.  Myself and many, many
>others put in weeks of unpaid time.  I think the reward is internal and I
>mention it only to support  anti-pomposity.
>R. Sandy Pringle MM 
>Structural Inspection Consultants              "He has achieved success who 
>sandyp(--nospam--at)                          has lived well and laughed often."
>Redondo Beach, California 
>****I worked with many of you during the Northridge Earthquake and it was a
pleasure. I look at many buildings, but certainly none on my own: liability,
as all of the readers of this group are well aware.

The question is one of contract, I guess. You guys sign and stamp plans.
When there are problems, you don't want to look at them. It gets resolved
eventually, but it adds to the costs and the claims.

I don't like pomposity either. But who is more arrogant than a structural