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Engineer can not always inspect every building he designs. As an example our office is involved in over 400 projects a year. A good portion of them are outside Los Angeles county, and some of them are outside California. If I start inspecting all the projects that I design, I will be traveling the whole year.

This problem was solved years ago and that is why we have trained inspectors. Inspectors are supposed to act as eyes and ears for the design engineers. And I must admit, most of them do, when retained and paid by the owner.

The problem comes up when the contractor hires and pays the inspector. That I consider a serious "conflict of Interest". How can an inspector be fair when his paycheck is paid by the person he is supposed to watch for errors.

Inspectors should stop working for contractors. As a matter of fact, if a contractor calls an inspector, the inspector should educate the contractor and let him know that it is illegal for a contractor to hire an inspector.

Lastly, the Engineers and Architects must send a letter to the owner with their last invoice, indicating the importance of retaining a good inspector directly. Better yet, send a list of inspectors that you are comfortable with.

Shafat Qazi, P.E.
BQE Inc.

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>One problem is the engineers will not get off their asses and go to the
jobsite. After one visit they want to start charging fees. This doesn't get
it. I have never seen a set of plans or a building that was free from errors
and omissions, or that did not need changes. Just trying to get the
"professionals" to give us a stamped drawing takes Herculean efforts.
Structural observation is a joke.

David Owens
Senior Construction Inspector, City of Los Angeles

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