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[SEAOC] Buried or partially buried structures

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To All:
I am wondering what the standard practice is for adding seismic loads from 
soil to buried or partially buried structures?  In the past, we have added 
such loading when doing DSA and OSHPD work per Title 24.  As far as I can 
tell, the new 1994 UBC makes no mention of it.  The 1995 California Code 
requires that it be considered if there is more than a 6 foot differential in 
soil height on opposite sides of the structure.
I am looking for some feedback as far as what other Engineers are doing, or 
what is "usual and customery" for practicing consulting structural engineers 
to do in their designs.
To be specific (if this will help), we are doing a design of some man made 
"wine caves" for a local Santa Barbara winery.  This is an area where the 
public will go and taste wine and get tipsy before they go on to the next 
winery down the road :)
Some of the cave is completely buried on both sides, some of it is buried 
only on one side, and everything inbetween.  So what do you say, are we being 
too conservative if we throw in some soil loading?  It does make a 
substantail difference in our desgin, and will cost the Owner significantly 
more if we do it.  I obviously don't want this thing to come down in an 
earthquake, but at the same time, I don't want to spend the Owner's money