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[SEAOC] Inspection issues

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In Floirda, for larger buildings, we have the Threshold Inspection Law,
which requires that the building be inspected by an engineer or architect
with experince in design and insepction.

The engineer of record or architect of record can furhter tighten the
requirements of inspection, such as requiring that the "Special Inspector"
have experience in design and inspection of similar structures and put
necessary experince and or education requiremetns on the Special Inspectors
representatives through the "Special Inspection Plan" which is a required
part of the Contract Documents.

The Special Inspector must be paid by the Owner, but reports, and is
responsible to the Building Official.

Its not perfect, but it  had improved the quaility of our larger buildings.

John Pepper
The Pepper Engineering Group, Inc.
20895 East Dixie Highway
Aventura, FL 33180