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[SEAOC] Re: [SEAOC] Footings' Tie Beams

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>tayebi, abdelkader -sum95 wrote:
> Do you also have the "vide sanitaire" in your buildings in Lubnan?

Well we don't have the "vide sanitaire" here in Lebanon but I now that they are 
undesirable in seismic zones because they mean short columns and failures did occur in 
the latest algerian EQ.

> How do you feel working with the rather obsolete french code given
> your american education and especially that the french now are
> probably using the eurocode rather than their old one they left to us

Well I don't personaly use the French code and I'm not even sure there is a requirement 
for tie beams in it, but as I said, it is probably a legacy of French practice and not 
necessarily of a French code requirement.

Mony Serhal