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[SEAOC] Re: [SEAOC] Gyp. board shear walls in LA

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In a message dated 96-06-18 00:53:55 EDT, you write:

>I have recently been working on a seismic evaluations of both 2 and 3 story 
>wood framed apartment buildings in LA.  I am curious as to the rational used

>in the drastic drop in the allowable shear value for gyp. board.  According 
>to research the allowable shear value of a 5/8" blocked gyp. board shear
>with 6d @4"o.c. has been modified in recent codes as follows:
>		Current LA requirements:	30plf max
>Any thoughts you might have on this topic would be greatly appreciated.
>Stephen Fisher, PE
In response:

The question is not why the value has been reduced, but why gypsum board gets
any value at all.  From what I hear from my experts (I'm not an expert on
wood myself), reduction of gyp board's seismic value is long overdue and LA
is to be congratulated on its aggressive position.

Carl Sramek, S.E.