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[SEAOC] Re: [SEAOC] Software question

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Michael Jones wrote:
> As part of Wolfram Research's continuing efforts to enhance the utility of
> Mathematica in engineering practice and education, I have been given the task
> of understanding as much as possible about technical software usage in the
> engineering community. As a result, I'd very much like to know whether you
> currently use Mathematica, and if not, what kind of software, if any, you
> use for calculation, analysis, modeling or visualization. I would also be
> very grateful for any suggestions you might have about Mathematica and
> its role in the engineering community.
> Thank you very much for your help.

I use Mathcad.  It works pretty well for my need, which is to automate 
simple, repetitive, "cookbook" calculations and present them in a 
readable format.  My perception of Mathematica is that it's more 
oriented to academia; and it's relatively expensive.

Practicing structural engineers usually can't afford to spend a lot of 
time on any one problem.  If you're going after this market, I would 
advise you to almost give away the basic software, and make your money 
selling pre-packaged solutions; for example, for concrete column design, 
steel column design, base plate design, beam design (concrete, steel, 
wood), shear wall design, code seismic and wind force calculations ... 
(the list is endless).

John Bryan