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[SEAOC] RE: [SEAOC] CAD Programs

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On Mon, 17 Jun 1996 20:20:50 -0700  Stephen & Karen Fisher wrote:
>I am looking for some feedback on which CAD program would be good to 
>purchase.  I am not looking for a $3000. program like AutoCad.  Rather, I 
>am looking for some thing I can use to: review drawings (generated 
>largely by a draftsperson), make minor changes, and generate some of my 
>own drafting on.  I know there are a number of programs in the <$500.

I've been pretty happy with Datacad, which I got for $150.  It seems to be have a pretty complete set 
of features for the price, including 3D rendering, although it is a DOS package which can be a 
problem if you like to stick only with Winders.
>range (i.e. DesignCAD, Autolite, TurboCAD).  Which programs have you 
>found to be useful and easy to learn?  Also, what are the main functions 
>that you are loosing out on when you purchase a $500. program over a 
>$3000. program.

Datacad is pretty easy to learn.  The features you miss out on are some of the links to other 
software, such as Geopak when you're using Intergraph Microstation, and things like reference files 
and other goodies.  Datacad also bogs down a bit when the drawing starts getting complex, although 
that may be a result of something I've configured incorrectly.


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