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[SEAOC] aircraft on bridges

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I am using ACI 343R-95 to look at a bridge which is subject to 
aircraft loads, and I have a question.  It defines loads for aircraft 
landing as U = 1.3D + 2.2L + 2.2I, where I is 100% impact for 
landing.  I presume that impact would be based on the full maximum 
landing weight of the aircraft, but I question whether the L should 
be the full landing weight, or the maximum landing weight, minus the 
lift force on the wings at the minimum permitted landing speed (170 
mph).  ACI is silent regarding this, it just says "live load".
Note that the weight minus lift would reduce the live load to about 
  If there are any bridge experts out there with an answer to this, 
I'd appreciate your opinion.
Martin Johnson
EQE International, Inc.