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[SEAOC] Re: [SEAOC] aircraft on bridges

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As a pilot, I believe there are other considerations you should include 
in your load calculations.
    1. At the moment of touchdown, we are trained to achieve a full 
aerodynamic stall by increasing the angle of attack; therefore there is 
no lift from the wings.
    2. The landing gear is designed to handle impact with the runway at 
a vertical descent rate of 500 FPM (on my airplane)and not every 
landing is a "greaser".  Landings are basically controlled collisions 
with the ground.
    3. Many aircraft have a higher takeoff allowable weight than 
allowable landing weight, presumably because the possible impact load 
of the landing on the airframe.
    4. Runway pavement design thickness is usually greatest at the end 
of the runway where the aircraft is accelerating from a stop, because 
there is no lift below stall speed and the aircraft is fully fueled and 
fully loaded. You may want to obtain an Army/Air Force manual on 
Pavements and Airfields for more on aircraft ground loads.

At any rate do a thorough job, I may be depending on you.