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[SEAOC] Re: [SEAOC] RE: [SEAOC] Gyp. board shear walls in LA

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Shafat Qazi wrote:
> It is my understanding that the LA reductions are a combination of several
> things:
> 1. Over estimated capacity of Gyp board shear wall.
> 2. Lack of inspectors.
> 3. Poor construction quality.
> The truth is that a gyp board is worth much more than 30 plf. Until LA city
> finds out what that value is, they decided to lower it to 30 plf. Actually,
> what I heard is that after Northridge earthquake, they were going to
> prevent use of gyp board shear walls. However, the gyp board industry lobby
> negotiated a 30 plf value. Something is better than nothing.
> Shafat
Ben Schmidt SE is sheparding the work being produced by SEAOSC to 
eliminate Gypsum Board as a shear element. If this is done, it will 
negate the Conventional framing section of the UBC and open the door for 
a much needed revision.
I suggest you contact Ben directly - his number will be available 
through the SEAOSC office. 
Dennis Wish PE