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[SEAOC] Re: [SEAOC] CAD Programs

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Stephen & Karen Fisher wrote:
> I am looking for some feedback on which CAD program would be good to
> purchase.  I am not looking for a $3000. program like AutoCad.  Rather, I
> am looking for some thing I can use to: review drawings (generated
> largely by a draftsperson), make minor changes, and generate some of my
> own drafting on.  I know there are a number of programs in the <$500.
> range (i.e. DesignCAD, Autolite, TurboCAD).  Which programs have you
> found to be useful and easy to learn?  Also, what are the main functions
> that you are loosing out on when you purchase a $500. program over a
> $3000. program.
> Stephen Fisher, PE

HEY! You gotta start reading your own newsletters. Steve, you probably 
know that I am in love with Visual Cadd from Numera Software. It's the 
best all around cad package for under $500.00 of the many I have tried. 
There are two flavors: For Windows 3.1, there is the Numera Visual Cadd 
version 1.2.3 - a 16 bit version, and for Windows 95, there is the 
32-bit software by Numera marketed under the name Corel Visual Cadd 2.0 
which is available at most Egghead and Compusa software stores.
Neither are 3-d but offer a full 2-d package. 
For 3d under $500.00 there is DataCad by CadKey Inc. and MiniCad 
(mentioned in the latest newsletter).
Let me know what your specific needs are.
At this time, Visual Cadd is the only totally Windows 95 compatible 
software that was written specifically for the Windows platform. MiniCad 
was converted from a Macintosh product.