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[SEAOC] Re: [SEAOC] Computer Shutdown Software?

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Regarding the battery backup issue. Your Backup equipment must be compatible
with Network. You will need to buy a UPS card for each machine. This card
will notify the operating system that the backup power is on and the system
needs to be shut down. You can specify how long before the system will
completly shutdown.

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Hope that helps


>We operate on a LAN system with emergency battery backups for all the CPU's
>which are left on continually.  If we were to experience a power failure
>after office hours, there would be no one there to exit from Program Manager
>to the C prompt.  This would cause a loss of some settings and some
>information stored in a program that allows long file names without using
>Windows 95.  
>This question is: Does anyone know of such a program that would sense
>whenever a battery backup kicked on and which would begin the shutdown
>Next question is: How do I subscribe to the On Line Newsletter?
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