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[SEAOC] Rigid Diaphrams

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I have a few quesion about Rigid Diaphragms, Any help will be greatly

Assuming a square building with full length cmu walls along the north, south
and west sides and only half of the east walls has a CMU wall;

1) Does a rigid diaphragm have a chord force? like flexible diaphragms?, or
is it similar to boundary members for concrete and cmu shearwalls?

2) On the east wall, is a drag strut (collector) required (where the is no
wall,)  to transmit the lateral forces to the cmu wall?

3) Are there any publications related to rigid diaphrams, that address design
requirements other than distribution of lateral forces to shear walls and
determination of center of rigidity.

4) Does the UBC address Rigid diaphrams.