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[SEAOC] New Yorker Article, May 29, 1996

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I would appreciate a discussion regarding the May 29, 1996 article in 
the New Yorker regarding the 59 Story Crisis. Briefly, it discribes 
Structural Engineer William LeMessurier, engineer of the 52 story 
CitiCorp tower in New York, and his discovery that his office 
substituted bolted connections for welded connections in the bracing of 
the building. Mr. LeMessurier (pronounced LeMeasure) re-did his wind 
calculations for quartering winds and discovered they were undersized. 
He was forced to "confess" to the architect, Hugh Stubbins, and the 
CitiCorp owners, and what transpired thereafter. Interesting reading, 
and every design professionals nightmare. Fortunately, his reputation 
was enhanced.