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[SEAOC] Re: [SEAOC] simpson strength values

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Note that Simpson Hold-Down values require the engineer to check net section
of the timber post.  If you include the eccentricity between anchor bolt and
cl of post, design values can be significantly less than the Simpson catalog.
 The post experiences combined tensile and  bending stresses at the bolt hole
net section which can severely limit the capacity.  It's hard to get a 4x4 to
figure for more than about 2300 lbs tension, irrespective of wether you
attach a HD-2A or HD-15.

The plywood and edge nailing may resist some of the eccentric moment.  It's
probably not a real problem for hold down forces under say 5 to 7 kips.
 However for large forces, you may want to eliminate the eccentricity by:
using a U strap;  or 2 HD's, one on each side of the post;  or use a threaded
rod system.

Thomas F. Heausler, S.E.
Kansas City