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     Hi Shafat. You are correct and that is why the stresses are not adjusted
for Cm in the lumber. At a CSES dinner meeting last week Doug Thompson was
speaking on lumber and brought up the point that for    nails  , the moisture
content at the time of application, independent of the final moisture
content, can require a permanent value reduction. Since this indicated i have
been using too high Simpson hanger and strap values, i checked the table on
page 2-991 of the UBC and the definition of partially seasoned. I have spoke
to people at Simpson and I.C.B.O. who said this is a valid point.
      This makes sense when i think about  a nail in an old board i can look
at, like a fence or patio cover. The nails get loose after several years.
      It is interesting that while the Simpson catalog specifies the values
are for dry wood, the actual I.C.B.O. report does not mention wood condition.