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BLUECOUGAR(--nospam--at) wrote:
> True,  however Truss Joist McMillian is about to release a new version of
> TJ-Beam and TJ-Spec combined with an upgraded security system that will be
> fully compatible with Windows 95.  I found this out after I had crashed both
> of my copies after purchasing a new Computer with  windows 95.
> Jay Crawford
I spoke to Brian Smith - the TJ representative for southern California 
regarding this as well. The TJ-Beam and TJ-Spec programs are not ready 
and will not be ready for many months to come. They are focusing on 
their commercial product for the Lumber Yards and Fabricators first. 
This product generates framing plans and provides a take-off for 
Unfortunately, the engineering community will have to wait for an update 
- at least through the rest of this year. If Brian is wrong, please let 
me know. I request this information from most vendors so that I can 
properly report it in the SEAOC Online  journal. 
Dennis Wish PE