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>I have run into a small problem with Enercalc and Window's '95, but I'm
>not sure if it is a software problem or not. I recently performed a wood
>beam analysis and found the results to be 90% of the allowable bending
>stress. When I ran the same spreadsheet a second time (about a week later)
>I found the beam to be 17% overstressed. I checked the input and found
>this to be consistant. The program determined the Allowable stress at a
>higher value the first time than the second. 

I recently found on Microsoft's web page [] an upgrade to
SAGE.DLL which is part of the scheduler which came with the plus package which
was said to fix floating point errors caused when the scheduler was active.  I
would suggest that you look into this.

You will need to look around because I have forgotten exactly where it was but
there is a page which has many upgraded files for Windows 95.

Eric Brown, S.E.