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[SEAOC] Re: [SEAOC] Stucco Shear Values

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     Actually, i think the cost difference is higher. I tell people 2% of
costruction costs. The 2-1 hight to width ratio usually adds a couple steel
     Have you priced earthquake insurance in the last couple months? It is
really going up. Some companies are requiring an engineer to go report on the
condition of the house compared to current code or they raise the rate 100%.
(What will happen when the code is increased?) . 
      The tract work i do is for two developers that i have provided complete
structural plans and calc's for over seven years. Both are in Ventura County.
As you indicate it was a real job convincing them to upgrade when it was not
mandatory. Our close proximity to L.A. helped slightly. There was also a
second step to implement structural observation before it was mandatory here.
Structural observation requirements are the best thing to ever happen to
quality control (and engineer education) in wood frame . The surprise was
that once they made the change, they never looked back even though i estimate
the increased cost at a few thousand. These homes sell for $400,000. and up
in one tract and $750,000. and up in the other. The increased requirements
are now mandatory in one of these jurisdictions and partially mandatory in
the other, so i look wise in retrospect to the client. The key is to have
these requirements mandatory for the surrounding tracts or it is a tough
sell. I sent letters to councilmen, mayors, and supervisors in my area to
inform them of the Northridge earthquake task force findings. Probability
maps from the S. CA earthquake center and a description of the 1812
earthquake in this area didn't hurt. E-mail me directly if you ( or anyone
else) would like copies of this info. 
Tom Harris , SE3803
Thousand Oaks, CA