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[SEAOC] Trus Joist TJBeam Announcement

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I received the following announcement from Brian Smith at Trus Joist. This
was in response to my comments a few days ago regarding TJ Spec and TJ
Beam software:

"Our next update of the TJBeam software will be released to the public
sometime around the 1st of Auguse. This update will have No security files
(copy protection ) encoded into the software, which will make it  much
more User Friendly, and fully compatible with Windows 95. It is still a
DOS based program. The Windows version is in development (ed: this is the
version that I was told we would have to wait some time for - my
There will be 2 versions of the software released, one for Distribution
(residential) products, and another for Custom (commercial) applications.
I believe the "TJSpec" name is being done away with completely at this
time. even though there will be no copy protection, we will discourage
unauthorized duplication and distribution. It is TJM's intention to have
each disk represent an individually licensed site. Users will still be
registered in order for us to provide proper support and regular

Brian Smith, TJM

I stand corrected....
Dennis S. Wish PE
Editor - SEAOC Online