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     The best way to start a discussion would be to put your own thoughts
     On the coluseum project , i think there needs to be better communication
between inspectors and engineers. 
     Perhaps by including inspectors in the structural observation mandatory
pre-construction meeting. I can think of two recent jobs where the deputy
inspector and i were out of sinc.
     One ( Ventura County ), yesterday, the general contractor called to ask
how the calc's on the broken post tension cable in a slab was coming. I was
unaware of the break but told him i would be right out to see if  the
tensioner could regrip by chipping out some concrete. I was surprised to find
that the building was nearly complete and the slab side was covered with
stucco so i could not check the cable hole. The break had occured many weeks
ago but i had not been notified. I called the deputy and asked why he had not
sent a report or called. He said he was waiting for the fix to be complete
and then he would send out his reports. We agreed he would send reports in a
more timely manner next time.
     On another job ( L.A. city )the caissons had the wrong dowels sticking
out of the concrete when i went to observe the grade beam rebar before the
next pour. I asked the deputy about the rebar discrepancy. The deputy had a
good answer that i wish i had known earlier. He said if he is scheduled to go
out on the day of the concrete pour, all he has time to do is inspect the
concrete that is being poured ( 100-200 +/- yards poured that day). He said
if i wanted him to inspect the rebar he should have been scheduled for the
preceeding day as well. In retrospect i can see his point. A meeting of the
engineer and deputy inspector in advance may have helped quality control.
     I would value thoughts on improvements here.

Tom Harris , SE3803
Thousand Oaks, CA