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[SEAOC] Re:Japanese engineers earthquake tour

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     Wed , July 3rd, i volunteered to accompany a group of 20 Japanese
engineers through the Northridge area. They are coming from an international
earthquake conference in Acupulco,MX. There is extra space on the bus if
anyone would like to join.  It will start at 2:30 in Encino at 5430 Yarmouth
with a walk through of a four story wood frame apartment over subterrainean
parking that is now being repaired ( stucco striped, plywood and holddowns on
and exposed). This will be followed by a bus tour around CSUN and Northridge
fashion center. While most of this has been repaired , this is what they want
to see. I'll give them photos of the way it looked after the earthquake and
narrate on the bus microphone of what is was like. It should be done by 5:00.
     Anyone interested can call me Wed AM to confirm at 818-889-0932.

Tom Harris , SE3803
Thousand Oaks, CA