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[SEAOC] Re: [SEAOC] Plywood Shearwall Deflection

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I am looking at the January 1994 SEAONC "Research Bulletin Board" with a
cover article titled "Tests of Narrow Plywood Shear-Wall Panels Reveal
Lack of Rigidity of Hold-down Anchorage".  The article is a reprint of a
release by ATC, with a larger report referenced.  In summary, this
research found panels of 3.5:1 aspect to be of adequate strength, but
with deflections about 3 times acceptable values.  The lack of rigidity
of the hold-down anchorage was cited as the major cause of the observed
deflections.  The complete report should be available from ATC.

Russ Nester, SE2324
On Wed, 3 Jul 1996 01:55:08 -0400 HARRISENGR(--nospam--at) writes:
>     I have been using the height of the top of the opening as the 
>height in
>the height to width ratio by adding 4 x blocking and Simpson cs straps 
>length of the wall at the header height ( and sill height if a 
>entire wall is plywood over the opening. This still requires a 3.5' 
>for a 7' door. 
>      I have tried the deflection calc's and when the holddown 
>deflection is
>included ( Simpson figures do not include bolt movement due to wood 
>since they are tested in a steel apparatus with no wood), the 
>usually exceeds .005h at maximum shear loads and height to width 
>ratios under
>Tom Harris , SE3803
>Thousand Oaks, CA
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