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[SEAOC] Basement wall with adjacent slab on grade - Help

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I'm designing the structure for a custom home here in the desert.
Basements are unusual, and this project calls for a lower level for
parking and storage. My question is this:
The first level is a slab on grade - with elevation changes in the slab of
12 inches higher and lower. 
A portion (about 33%) of the home has a basement. Two sides of the basment
wall occur within the home while the other walls (the foundation jogs)
occurs at the framed exterior face of the building. The interior portion
of basement wall run's through the center of the home. My question refers
to the area of the slab on grade that meets or must join the basment wall
with TJI's.
I'm not sure how to make the connection of the slab to the masonry
basement wall.  Should I place the thickened edge of the slab on top of
the masonry and ledger the TJI's to the masonry or face of concrete? This
does not seem right to me!  Or should I pour the slab up against the
basment wall - with an elastomeric joint?
I have seen details that lie adjacent to the wall - which means designing
a surcharge into the wall rather than an concentric axial load from above.

I have designed a two foot stepped slab where the riser was masonry. Here
I set the edge of slab on the masonry and dowelled it in place with bent
rebar and proper embedment. 

Can anyone provide an explanation and a  detail or two (Visual Cadd,
AutoCad, Mini Cadd, Generic Cadd,  DXF) by email, or fax that can help me
make the best connection? Please email me separately from the listservice,
or you may provide an answer in case there is any other's afraid to ask
such a simple question who have a similar problem (I don't believe I'm the
only one).

Thanks in advance for the help.

Dennis Wish PE