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[SEAOC] Re: [SEAOC] Re: [SEAOC] Basement wall with adjacent slab on grade - Help

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I beleive Dennis's question has more to do with the wall design, but to
comment on Tom's reply, I can add that I do not beleive there is any
(reasonable) way to avoid some movement at the transition of the disimilar
materials (slab to wood floor). Therefore a control/expansion joint should
be placed continuously along this transition and in a perfect world you
could convince the architect to express this transition as part of the
design through a change in finish materials, a expressed tile mortar joint
or conversly to cleverly hide the joint under a wall or other materials. If
there is tile on the floor across the transition then the vertical
stiffness differences in the slab and wood is enough to cause cracking let
alone any shrinkage differences or differential settlement. Any chance of
building a code minimum height crawl space and joisted floor behind the
retaining wall?  If the finish floor is carpet then the problem goes away
until the owner wants to remodel.

Jeff Smith