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[SEAOC] Seismic Design in Wood Frame Construction

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Does the Emergency Seismic Structural Requirements also apply to shear 
walls where wind is the governing force. I design a lot of tract homes 
where the local juridictions require that the wind speed of any where 
between 70MPH and 90MPH be used along with the killer "EXPOSURE C", 
which usually results in wind base shears double the seimic base shears. 
To design using the new shear wall specs for conditions of wind factors 
of 90MPH and EXPOSURE "C" would not be practical or economical 
engineering design. Some one needs to wake up the local building 
departments that earthquakes kills and destroys buildings not the 
unwarranted and misuse of Seections 1614 and 1616 as applies to single 
family dwellings and tract developments. 

Ken Wilkinson