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[SEAOC] Re: Plywood Shearwall Deflection

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In regards to the discussion on plywood shear walls deflections, as far as I
know there is no universally accepted design or analysis procedure (that is
accepted by the structural engineering community) to compute the deflection
of vertical wood frame shear wall elements.

However, there are a number ot "sophisticated" finite element programs that
offer the possibility of predicting deflections analytically by using shear
elements in conjunction with column elements to approximate the behavior of a
wood frame shear element.  Although these methods/techniques have been used
in research, they have not been successfully proven in the design
environment.  My recollection is that Dames and Moore was working on
something like this on the Northridge Meadows Apartments failure analysis,
but I'm not sure about the results or their conclusions.

It is, no doubt, a very important problem that needs further attention from
the research community.  In my research with concrete shear walls, I do think
that a simple shear wall element for application on wood shear walls is
possible with current technology.

Hope this adds useful information to your inquiry.


Professor Dilip Khatri, P.E.
Cal Poly, Pomona