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[SEAOC] Apology

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On Sunday and Monday (June 30 / July 1), Property-Link(tm) sent 
mail out to licensed real estate brokers across the United States.
You were accidentally included in this mailing due to our inability 
to catch approximately 25 Listserv reflectors in our database.  
Once these sites were hit, a large number of people that were never
meant to receive anything from Property-Link(tm) in the first place
were inconvenienced with our listing.

We have worked very hard for the last eight months to ensure that 
the only individuals that will ever receive our listing service are
licensed real estate brokers, however errors were made.  For these 
errors,  we offer our deepest apologies.  It has never been our 
intent, nor is it our policy to include anyone besides licensed real 
estate brokers in any of our correspondence.  Therefore, please rest 
assured that your address has been permanently removed from our 
database.  If there are any questions that you may have, please do 
not hesitate to E-mail us at: postmaster(--nospam--at)

Cordially yours:


Drew Warmington

Property-Link(tm)                                Voice:(714)966-1202
Drew Warmington                                  Fax:  (714)545-6162
VP Sales / Marketing

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