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[SEAOC] Number of plywood veneer layers.

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I just visited a site that is re-sheathing the roofs (or is that rooves)
prior to re roofing. I was just informed that the 10 or so stacks of
plywood are 3 ply 15/32" in lieu of the 5 ply cdx that I specified. I do
not know at this time the actual APA  grade stamp on the plywood ( I hope
it has one). But my question is this: Does the UBC panel grades C-D or C-C
(or CDX Exposure 1) from table 23-I-J-1 imply or require the number of
plys. My APA guide catalog only references # of plys for stressed skin
panels as far as I can tell. I have never liked 3 ply plywood for anything
other than riot barricades or filler shims. I do not need values more than
around 100 pounds per lineal foot with some shear transfer cases around 175
plf. This is not the first time I have seen this happen and the odd thing
is that 3 ply is not that less expensive.

Jeff Smith