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[SEAOC] History Channel needs help

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I got this email today. Please call Mr. Martin ASAP if you can help him. Mr.
Martin is not a subscriber of our list, so if you want to send an email to
him, make sure you enter his address. His email address is:

Thank you

Shafat Qazi, P.E.

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>Date: Wed, 10 Jul 96 22:57:50 0000
>From: JV Martin <martinmedia(--nospam--at)>
>Organization: Martin Media
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>Dear Shafat Qazi,
>My name is J.V. Martin.  I am the associate producer of a documentary 
>television series on A&E's The History Channel titled "Modern Marvels."
>I am currently researching two show topics, the pyramids (mostly those 
>in Egypt) and water supply systems such as the California Aqueduct.  I 
>am looking to find a structural engineer who would be willing to speak 
>with us, possibly as an on-camera interview subject, on the basic 
>soundness or lack thereof of pyramid structures, ancient and modern. 
>Please contact me at my office with any suggestions you may have as to 
>someone with whom I should speak. I have a deadline of July 20th to find 
>a structural engineer for our show, therefore, I hope to hear from you 
>soon.  My office phone number at Hearst Entertainment/Jaffe Productions 
>in Sherman Oaks (L.A. area) is 818-377-7200, ext 223.  Our fax line is 
>377-6200.  I am writing you from my home so if you respond by e-mail to 
>this address I won't get the message until the evening.  Thank you for 
>your kind consideration and any effort on my behalf.