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[SEAOC] Re: [SEAOC] History Channel needs help

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Dear Mr. Martin:

I recall a presentation several years ago by Seattle structural engineer Bob
Mast, PE on the pyramids and their engineering significance and interesting
facts about their layout. He might be a good candidate for your
presentation.  He was President of ABAM Engineers of Federal Way, WA, and a
noted authority on structural design.  You could contact information for the
telephone no. of the Structural Engineers Association of Washington (in
Seattle), and get Mast's telephone no. from them.

Good luck.

John Rose
Tacoma, WA

I got this email today. Please call Mr. Martin ASAP if you can help him. Mr.
>Martin is not a subscriber of our list, so if you want to send an email to
>him, make sure you enter his address. His email address is:
>Thank you
>Shafat Qazi, P.E.
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>>Date: Wed, 10 Jul 96 22:57:50 0000
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>>Dear Shafat Qazi,
>>My name is J.V. Martin.  I am the associate producer of a documentary 
>>television series on A&E's The History Channel titled "Modern Marvels."
>>I am currently researching two show topics, the pyramids (mostly those 
>>in Egypt) and water supply systems such as the California Aqueduct.  I 
>>am looking to find a structural engineer who would be willing to speak 
>>with us, possibly as an on-camera interview subject, on the basic 
>>soundness or lack thereof of pyramid structures, ancient and modern. 
>>Please contact me at my office with any suggestions you may have as to 
>>someone with whom I should speak. I have a deadline of July 20th to find 
>>a structural engineer for our show, therefore, I hope to hear from you 
>>soon.  My office phone number at Hearst Entertainment/Jaffe Productions 
>>in Sherman Oaks (L.A. area) is 818-377-7200, ext 223.  Our fax line is 
>>377-6200.  I am writing you from my home so if you respond by e-mail to 
>>this address I won't get the message until the evening.  Thank you for 
>>your kind consideration and any effort on my behalf.