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[SEAOC] Re: suscribe-- another point of view....

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NGaNear(--nospam--at) wrote:
> I have subscribed to this list for over a year and it still amazes me that
> such intelligent people can not read instructions.  I am tired of receiving
> these subscribe requests to the list.

Something that needs to be pointed out here... It 
may not be the subscriber's fault...
I too have questioned the same thing but when I 
changed my address, I subcribed under the new 
address via the web site.  It was linked hypertext 
and lo and behold... it ended up on the list.  

So the problem is not with the "many" but it may be 
a link on the web site.. 

Maybe Dennis or could have the builder of the web 
page look into it so we don't all have to receive 
the subscribe commands.  On the other hand, there 
is the delete button and you can do so without 
reading the message.  Seeing the subscribe message 
may put you in touch with a collegue you didn't 
know was on the internet also... 

Whatever happens, I think the people who put this 
together and those that contribute with the sharing 
of ideas should be complemented for their efforts.  
I for one have found many benifits from the list.

Thank you