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Mine is the first printing (although I only bought it about three months
ago from Building News in Los Angeles). 
It looks something like this:

	Table 21-J - Maximum Nominal shear Strength Values 1,2
M/Vd			Vn Maximum
<=0.25			6.0(f'm)^0.5=380 maximum (322(f'm)^0.5=1691 maximum)
>=1.00			4.0(f'm)^0.5=250 maximum (214(f'm)^0.5=1113 maximum)

1. M is the maximum bending moment that occurs simultaneously with the
shear load V at the section under consideration. Interpolation may be by
straight line for M/Vd values between 0.25 and 1.00

2. Vn is in pounds (N), and f'm is in pounds per square inches (Pa).

Hope this helps Steve.