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[SEAOC] Re: [SEAOC] UBC Review Classes

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>Does anyone know if any colleges or private organizations offer 
>classes in understanding the '94 UBC? I only work with a few 
>sections of it, and I would like to understand the rest of it 
>without having to read it cover to cover.

If your budget allows going to Whittier for training, ICBO has one 
to three day classes that cover both non-structural and structural 
subjects in the UBC.  Several have been scheduled for Fall, so you 
could call and request the announcements.

If you need to stick closer to the Sacramento area, the Sacramento 
Valley and Napa-Solano chapters of ICBO develop or sponsor one-day 
classes on code subjects, including ones in the UBC.  You might 
call Don Schultz, Sacramento County building official, and ask 
about forthcoming offerings.  Don also is active in the California 
Building Officials, which puts on classes through its CALBO 
Training Institute.  However, most of these offerings are focused 
on California Title 24 requirements that are different from or not 
contained in the UBC, such as accessibility and energy conservation 

As mentioned by earlier responders to your posting, ICBO also 
publishes an "applications manual" for each of its model codes.  
The one for the UBC does not focus on the engineering chapters, 
which may explain why some subscribers to this listserv have not 
found it that useful.  But if you want to get better acquainted 
with non-structural subjects, such as exiting, construction, and 
occupancy requirements, you may find the manual useful.

Frank Lew