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[SEAOC] re: [SEAOC] Roof Truss shop drawings

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<< I would value other opinions on the review of  residential roof truss
shop drawings by the engineer of record...>>

We requirer that the consultant (engineer) for the truss company stamp the
truss layout drawing. We have this stated on the general notes and the
roof/floor framing plan notes. In projects we do in CA, we also specify this
in the general notes under Deferred Approvals were the shop drawings have to
go back to the building department for approval.

We requirer shop drawings with a stamp from an engineer for wood trusses,
steel joists layout and pre-engineered metal buildings. We had similar
situations as you are mentioning; different truss layouts, different bearing
points, etc. We try to clearly show where are the allowed bearing points on
the roof/floor framing plans since one comment we recieved from the truss
supplier is that there engineer does not look at the foundation plan to see
which are the bearing walls. 

Don't think that the suppliers at first where happy with the "additional"
requirements we specified, but they have been complying with them. I guess
they must tell there engineer that not only he/she has to sign the
calculations but also the truss layout if they are going to do the job?

We feel that we are responsible "Responsible Engineer",  for each project we
are doing and we dictate how the project is to be constructed (at least
structurally). We tell this to the contractors (even other consultants
involved with the project), but we try not to be arrogant about it, we have
to learn to work with each other and move on.

Simon Solorio