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[SEAOC] Residential foundation bolting per "insurance requirements"

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I know there was a thread on the certificate required by the insurance industry a few months ago, 
but since then I've made a few calls to various underwriters... It seems, they don't really know 
what they really want and are thinking the process through.  

Does anyone know of ANY engineer that is discussing this with them.  Our input of what should be 
done and to what standards is imperative (IMNSHO).  I have just volenteered to discuss my opinions 
with Western Mutual and was hoping that if there is any similar discussion going on with other 
companies, maybe there could be some discussion and coordination of the "position of the enineering 
community"  It is the insurance industry that is forcing the implementation of this retrofit, and 
I'd hate to see it done without the input of "knowledgable engineers".

As it stands now, a single family residence that has perimeter walls of hollow clay tile or any 
masonry (reinforced or not) is to have the first floor bolted to the walls.  (At least this is the 
interpetation I'm getting from underwriters)  As we know, this is not the primary mode of failure in 
these buildings.  It is a disservice to the homeowner to bolt the floor framing only to have the 
tops of the untied walls pull away from the building and either collapse or allow the roof framing 
to collapse.

I beg for comments from all having any involvement with this.

Steve Privett CE