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[SEAOC] Roof Truss shop drawings

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     I would value other opinions on the review of  residential roof truss
shop drawings by the engineer of record. Typically , these include a truss
layout prepared by the truss companies sales rep, and referenced truss calc's
by their engineer consultant. The consultant typically does not see the
building plans but is given the spans and loads by the truss co. rep.. The
layout is not signed but the calc's are.
     At one time i thought the engineer of record was reviewing the truss
calcs to verify they used the right loading , span , bearing points , etc.
Now i am told by the truss engineer he is only responsible for the actual
truss component and not the layout plan. The engineer of record is
responsible for the layout plan by the truss co. sales rep.? So , if the
layout plan by the non-engineer truss co rep calls for a single ply girder
while the stamped calc's in the back say double ply girder, the engineer of
record and not the truss engineer is responsible? 
     The case that brought this up i was performing structural observation
when i noticed the trusses spanned a different direction than the plan. The
contractor said they had wanted a hip roof instead of a gable so they had the
truss co rep change the layout plan. The truss co rep said he has no control
on what the owner does with his plan/truss but assumes it is run by the
engineer of record. It was not, even though the plans spec engineer of record
and building dept approval prior to fab.This overstressed the second floor
beams and foundation at the revised girder truss locations. Fortunately it
was caught in time and will be fixed. 
     I want to require the truss engineer to stamp/sign the truss layout plan
prepared by the truss co rep but he says this is not done just as other types
of shop drawings are not stamped and signed . It seems to me if the truss
engineer was more involved with the plan there would be fewer
misunderstandings. It seems an unlicensed sales rep with unknown credentials
and experience is making too many decisions.
     I would appreciate your comments and experiences in this area. 

Tom Harris , SE 
Thousand Oaks, CA