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[SEAOC] Re: [SEAOC] OES Volunteers

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Twice in 4 years I've gone thru the procedures of signing up and twice never
got any results.  They keep losing the info or not responding.  Signing up
for volunteer service should not be a burden.  If possible, certify me right
now or send me the info and 1 person I can deal with who will be responsible
for completing this simple task quickly and not prolonging it for months or

At 02:44 AM 8/7/96 -0600, you wrote:
>The State of California Office of Emergency Services Volunteer Disaster
>Services Program will be offering certifications without an expiration date.
>As Chair of the SEAOC Disaster Response Committee, I'm extending inviations
>to all SEAOSC members desiring to be certified or re-certified to follow
>this thread.
>In the past, we have been requested to renew our certifications every few
>years and I believe this has caused some inconvenience,  so this new policy
>of no expiration date is really welcome.
>In addition, much to my relief, ASCE has agreed to host the training seminar.
>Doug Litchfield, who is now the State Chair for our Disaster Response
>Committee, contacted me yesterday about a meeting today.  I'm not able to
>make this meeting, but he will, so there will be continued postings.  
>I'm certainly grateful for Doug's continued input at our local level.  He
>has proven to be one of those guys who you can always count on.
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